Since providing the best quality product is our commitment, we at Thai Yamaki place a high degree of emphasis on every step of our shirt production process, from cutting to the final packing process.

Cutting Department
The first step of the production process is to draw a shirt pattern on a large paper. Next, the fabric is overlaid in layers according to the number of orders. Then, the large patterned paper is laid on top of the fabric and the fabric is cut according to the pattern. Later, the cut pieces are inspected by our experienced Q.C. staff to ensure the fabric quality.

Sewing Department
Sewing Department consists of 2 sections:
Sewing Section – In this section, cut pieces of fabric are sewn together and inspected for sewing quality before passing to assembly section.
Assembly Section - Responsible for assembling shirts and measuring the size. If the shirts are in required sizes, they will later be processed in a thread vacuum machine to remove the remnants of thread. 

Finishing Department
Responsible for ironing shirts before folding, packaging and delivery to customers. If the shirts are made of Postcure fabric, they will be processed in baking machine before ironing.