Be Ambitious to be the Best rather than the Biggest

To ensure the best quality shirts, Thai Yamaki utilizes state-of-the-art production technology and machineries transferred from Japan. We have progressively introduced CAD and CAM systems, the Hanger System and various automated sewing machines. We place a high degree of emphasis on the quality assurance system; every single piece we produce is subject to inspection by our experienced Q.C. staff before delivery to customers.

To improve working efficiency and productivity, Thai Yamaki employs JPS (Joymont Pitch Control System), which is influenced by the Just-in-time concept. This concept is originally practiced in Japan and is continuing to be employed more broadly in other parts of the world. The concept of the JPS System is to employ only a minimum of inventories or other resources to make products. One work center produces only what is required by subsequent work centers, and this production occurs just when the necessary components are needed. JPS characteristically produces items in small lots, which means setup costs must be low and workers must have multiple skills so they can shift back and forth between various items.